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Exploring Paint


Product Description

This is a popular book which brings together a wealth of basic information on a wide range of simple ‘Fun to do’ PAINTING TECHNIQUES suitable for children of different ages. Here are some of the techniques that are described in the book: Finger Painting, Hand Printing, Blot and Butterfly Painting, Blow Painting, Spatter Painting, Bubble Painting, String Painting, Running Paint, Comb Painting, Wet Paper Painting, Leaf Printing, Thumb and Finger Printing, Sponge Printing, Vegetable Printing, Printed Wrapping Paper, Deodorant Bottle Painting, Crayon Resist Painting, Candle Wax Painting, Fabric Painting, Taking a Line for a Walk with Paint, Marble Painting, Candle Wax Painting, Window Painting, Mural Painting and Stone Painting.